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Heinemann Moses Güldner was the grandfather of Wilhelm Levy who married Adele Tobias of Hattingen.

Heinemann Moses, son of Moses Israels, was born on July 6, 1806 in Jever, Friesland. When he began his apprenticeship as an indigo dyer he took the name Güldner to get enrolled. After finishing his training in spring 1830 he travelled Europe as a journeyman for six years. About two years after his return he married Jette Mergentheim but she left him soon after the wedding and went back to her parents. Only in 1848 she decided to go back to her husband and stay with him.

In 1849 he published the report about his journeyman years which took him to Germany, Switzerland, Czechia, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Italy, Slovenia, Slovakia and Ukraine. On May 26, 1849 their daughter Lea Güldner was born. Heinemann Moses Güldner died on September 16, 1854 at 48 years old in Jever due to tuberculosis and urticaria.